Is a cheap web hosting provider really worth it?

Recently I was building a website on a cheap hosting provider crazy domains, whom the customer had insisted on going with because of the heavy marketing campaign that crazy domains have the customer believed that they are the biggest and most used host in the industry. Although this may be true or not, I cannot tell because i have not seen any stats etc. and is definitely not the focus of this post.

I think a lot of their numbers are a reflection of their below cost-price domains, and a lot of their hosting signups are a direct result of this.  They make their money back by charging through the teeth for a lot of internal upgrades that many hosts include as standard. Highlighting the fact that going for something cheap can come back to bite you.

To further my dislike for cheap hosts, especially crazy domains was the customer service was lousy. I personally waited on hold for an hour ringing technical support to see what the hold up was on a 3 week old request for an SSL certificate that was supposedly meant to be issued in 48hours. Although the operator was really polite, he wasn’t very technical at all, “I’ll send a support ticket to our hosting provider to see if it can be sorted”, Say what! you don’t actually have your own servers you resell another hosting providers servers, no wonder things take forever to be action-ed. It took a further four hours to get it all sorted.

And the headaches I had to put up with and work around created an extra week of work. Things like the PHP version was old and so plugins like woo-commerce that are reliant on up to date code wouldn’t load properly. The server wasn’t built to handle WordPress at all with very low memory allocation, site speed was incredibly slow. And at around 4pm it was impossible to do anything admin on the site, as the bandwidth and load on their servers was clear that it couldn’t handle all the requests.

And the icing on the cake, although i implement a thorough WordPress security plan, which includes a combination of htaccess codes, site scripts, and plugins, and site-wide monitoring of traffic. The server was hacked from inside their walls and my newly finished site was oosing spam coming up through the floor of the foundation and there was nothing I could do about it because they didn’t have any virus or malware scanners on their servers. as well as poor inter security between shared ip addresses. What chance did i have? None!

What have i learned from this venture? Never go with a cheap host ever again, even if the client has already purchased hosting and domains there, too bad. You want my services and my business name, you have to move to the hosting provider that I use and recommend. A  host that no matter what time of day, I have contacted, they have been able to respond to my request within 30minutes with a useable answer. A host that provides a variety of hosting plans including dedicated servers and data centers in three major parts of the world (Australia, USA, and the UK) and server performance that makes building a WordPress site a joy not a chore. Where you have complete control of your site settings. And the control of your sites is in your hands.

The host services I’m talking about are wholesaler “resellers panel”, how do i know they are any good? They are because I spent 12months researching resellers, and they were my number one pick for best value plans for web designers to resell to clients, they only use the best hardware. They refuse to offer anything less than really good support, in fact they pride themselves on quicker than normal response times. “If you have a problem with your website, you can always rely on our help desk team – its representatives are available 24-7. No matter what, they will respond in less than 60 minutes.” resellers panel

Lastly I was so impressed with their services i signed up to offer them as a white label reseller.  I have my own storefront offering their services and products, I am so much behind their services that i put my brand behind it feel free to have a look its called Lanauze Designs Web hosting (really original, I know but it is what it is, no bull, no catchy name), its kind of like an affiliate site, except, instead of one off payments like you find in affiliate programs, it is an ongoing commission every time the customer renews.  But I can set my prices, the wholesaler takes out the cost price for the services when the client purchases and then I get the remaining profit, if I choose to make very small margins to compete with these cheap hosts like crazy domains then so be it.

But what’s the point! For me it was a waste of my time and a journey i wont repeat again. Is a cheap web hosting provider really worth it? What are your thoughts?

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  1. what i do is say to the client: if something goes wrong the host will blame me, i will blame them ! then what are you going to do? if its just with me i have to fix it ! thus only 1 phone call.



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