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Authority Content

In July 2016, I attended a Book launch for a good friend and mentor David Jenyns.

David is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, Father, Speaker, Author. Well know as been a head of the game, David has just launched his brand new book on Amazon, Its available for a few days for free in Kindle, If your lucky enough to be reading this in August 2016, you should check to see if its still available for download for free. Other wise its very low cost for a piece of David’s success formula.

This is David’s first book, and it documents his love of systems, his blueprint for success in the online world, David has successfully grown four businesses into multi-million dollar companies, and it is all to do with his skills in building systems, for systems. 

If you don’t know David, I got to know him, back in the 2012 when I started my online businesses, and started researching about SEO. David is the founder of successful Search Engine Optimisation company here in Melbourne Australia, called “Melbourne SEO Services”.

At the time, I was drawn to Davids, authority in the space, he became everywhere for me, I kept seeing him in different areas that I was researching about SEO, and I knew that he was someone I wanted to work with, If I had the budget.

In 2013 I got to meet David, when I attended a course he did on Authority Content, which he broke down several of the steps, that he know includes in this book, on ways to make your self, your brand become the authority in your space. He introduced me to a concept or a way of structuring my Authority.

The 3 P’s, is what he called it. The framework as he calls it, consists of a simple 3 step system of Present, Product, and Promote.  This is not a new structure to some, but its been redefined to match the teaching Dave goes about in the book, it’s his blueprint, that has consistently produced results, and has been repeatable for him across many businesses.

Since the success of David’s SEO company, I’ve personally seen the birth of two other businesses from David, that have scaled to include many staff, and bring in substantial profits for him, and his partners.  Around 2014 I saw the birth of his Melbourne Video Services business, and in 2015 the birth of a SAAS software business called System Hub.

As far as I can see, David, is creating individual assets, that work together as a whole to produce extremely well executed Authority Content.

To really deep dive into the processes, Its my personal recommendation to go get your self a copy of David’s Book, It’s free right now on Amazon (for a limited time, in kindle).


Yep David is giving away bonuses, if you and your team get a few copies together you will qualify for better bonuses. To check out the great bonuses visit his bonus page.

I’m Getting old – turning 36 where to from here

It just dawned on me that next week is my birthday, 2nd August. I’ll be turning 36. If you feel like rewarding me, you can buy me a gift from my Amazon wish list. Its amazing how time has flown, its been 10 years since I started dating my wife. And We’ve been through a lot. 

Right now I’ve been working on my own business for 3 years, it hasn’t gone too good, and a letter from the Australian Business Register that they were cancelling my ABN, because I failed to provide evidence of running a business, just adding to the coffin.

Not really I’m totally still in business, I simple phone call cleared that up, but who said going into business was going to be easy, clearly I spoke to the wrong people. It’s been tough, sleepless nights, virtually no income, strict budgets, and more and more things you need to be across. 

Of late its been extra stressful, as my wife quit her job in order to work part-time, in what? I don’t know exactly she hasn’t secured anything solid. Its a real problem because she was basically floating us month to month. 

So I don’t think I’ll see a present from her this year. I don’t expect much at any rate, last year was a 6 pack of beer. So if your feeling generous, you can buy me a present.