Webinar Ninja – A personal review

This is my personal review of Webinar Ninja.

This week a friend shared this unbelievable deal from appsumo. It seems unbelievable, because the price was so low $49 USD Lifetime access, compared to what they charge normally monthly ($45 for the similar plan). But behind the buzz of an incredibly cheap deal, what’s the platform like, and can it work for my business.

So the first thing you might notice that the deal is only for the smallest plan they have, that means you get lifetime access to create unlimited webinars but the webinar room is capped at 100 attendees. Lifetime for a small business might work. But if your into marketing and product launches then it will probably be out grown very quickly.

So what happens if you want to upgrade?

You get moved to a month to month plan. But before you worry about the costs associated with that, lets see if the platform makes the cut, and whether it could work for you in the first place.

Upon purchasing through appsumo, you get a one time use coupon code to use on a registration page. You need to choose a sub-domain name, preferably something that represents your brand, because it will be visible to your customers. So don’t make it something stupid, or offensive.

Once inside. It is very clean layout.

Webinar Ninja Dashboard

Before you dive in a click on the create webinar, you first should set your timezone and email “From” details. This can be done in the Admin settings section.


Here you can change your sub-domain if its not taken, to something else if you changed your mind. You can also the system email address and from name, this will be pushed over to your auto-responder with registrations. Choose your time-zone and date format.

Next go to the integrations section and set your email auto-responder. The screen shot shows the following api integrations. For me I am using Sendgrid, and Mautic for my automations. And I decided to reached out to support to see if they had plans to add even something basic like a form field that we could map our own integration too. The answer wasn’t a 100% what I would have liked to hear.

Excerpt from the email.

Excerpt from the email.

Support was prompt and polite. So no qualms here. Just wanting to see what they had in the pipeline for email support. It may not work for me, but at a lifetime price, its worth waiting to see, as opposed to refund straight up. So if your using an auto-responder that’s not in this list(see picture below). Then you might not get the results you are looking for in this system.

Edit: Day two of using the system and I read their faq page the system has email support built in, so all registrations and follow up notifications and additional emails get sent from the system, you don’t need to add your own smtp or even use an auto resonder. The addition of the api for the services below, is so you can get the details of registrants over into these systems, if you cant use one of these you can simply export your customer list from the dashboard. Read my next post to see the full break down.


From here just some basic links to support,

webinar ninja support
A media section that will house your recordings (Hosted in Amazon S3) which you can download,

webinar ninja media

And a statistics section, that has a good interface and you can export your leads here to csv. The only downside I could see here was that you couldn’t re-arrange the dashboard to make the most important parts to you, be at the top.

webinar ninja stats

In the next post I set up a webinar and test it out first hand.

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