October 16, 2015

Problem Solving a Podcast

Podcast problem solving

Edit: This post has been republished from my Business Blog to here.

LifeHouse Church. The problem being that when the feed was first created it wasn’t completed. So upon checking the feed it failed to be valid. You can check your feed below.

The Following are a list of articles and post from the web that i used to piece together the code and fix it to make the feed valid. The feed is: and copy and paste them above to test if they are valid. And if they are not just shoot me an email because they should be. (Much appreciated).

Well here is the list of sites I researched:

Now although the feeds are valid, I have seemed to come into a road block at this time, Im trying to learn more about rel="self" . I will be editing this post in the future to out line hopefully where the problem is and how to work around it.

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