Two Factor Authentication – Meetup November 2016

Photo of Chris La Nauze doing a live presentation on two factor authentication

Chris La Nauze – Two Step Authentication with WordPress How safe is your site from a hack attempt? With the increase in WordPress’ popularity worldwide, the risks increase that your site might become a target of a botnet exploit, a malicious competitor, a hacker, a rogue customer or some other attacker. What are you doing […]

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Authority Content – David Jenyns

Authority Content

In July 2016, I attended a Book launch for a good friend and mentor David Jenyns. David is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, Father, Speaker, Author. Well know as been a head of the game, David has just launched his brand new book on Amazon, Its available for a few days for free in Kindle, If […]

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WordPress Meetup July 2016

Tonight at the WordPress User Meetup, Chris Burgess covered the all important topic of themes. During the presentation, we had a panel of experts from different areas of industry, and they added their two cents, and also responded to questions from the audience. Here is some links to resources about themes you can refer too. […]

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Webinar Ninja – Setting Up A Webinar

webinar ninja templates

This is my continued review or walk-through of Webinar Ninja, to check out the first part click here. Creating your first webinar: The first time you create a webinar there is a nifty overlay notification helper (provided by a service called Appcues) , this helps explain what needs to be filled in. Unfortunately for me I think it would be […]

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UP up and away

After minor delays, the flight took off, it’s kind of weird, Micaela is a floor above, in the A380, she’s flying business class, and I’m in economy. After an initial meet and greet with the lovely couple sitting next to me. The plane took off without a hitch. Fairly excited, as this has been the first overseas flight for me since my trip when I was at university, back in my twenties. Back then…

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Problem Solving a Podcast

Podcast problem solving

Edit: This post has been republished from my Business Blog to here. A few years ago I managed my churches podcast feed, we had some good subscriber rates, but some people kept coming to me to get the latest podcast files, when I asked them why, they said there was a problem with their feed […]

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