What format should a HDD (Hard Drive) be to work on both PC and Mac?

I was having trouble backing up a Mac, it kept saying read only. When I discovered that I recently reformated this drive to take larger files, into the NTFS format, i didn’t realise I was excluding the drive from any use on a Mac.

So what format do you need to display, read and write to a Hard Drive, to work on both Pc and Mac, the format is FAT or exFAT. FAT formated drives are seen in older pcs, but exFAT was created to allow bigger file sizes for pcs before they invented NTFS. The drive was a good size of 500Gb’s so I decided to create a partition, of 50GB’s incase there is any files over 4GB in size, and don’t load in the exFAT, and the rest of the drive will be formated as exFAT.

But if Mac doesn’t load the NTFS how would I send files to it?

I actually figured out this workaround the other day, (at the time not realising why the darn thing wasn’t copying files to it.) I booted up the drive in a external usb housing attached it to a PC, and created a shared folder on the desktop, and then using the home network, copied files from the MAC to the pc, and from the pc to the drive, for some reason, it didn’t let me copy direct from the Mac to the external drive. But anyhow, it worked at the time.

I know enough how to format a drive, and don’t really need to go into details on how to do it on both a personal computer, or a macintosh computer. But to save anyone the time, who may be searching for this next step, I found this great Guide to format an external drive.

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Chris La Nauze