My Cousin Jo Needs your help.

It’s with a heavy heart that I post this to my site, but my cousin Jo has been re-diagnosed with Cancer, This time it’s Stage 4 Terminal Cancer.

She is so brave with a young family, she faces any and all treatments she can get.

Unfortunately because she is so close to her Stage 3 Cancer recovery the Immunotherapy trial she was trying to get funding for she doesn’t qualify for from Medicare.

So she has to foot the bill. Each treatment costs $6000, with 10 treatments needed. That’s 60K, just for that part of her treatment plan.

Add that to Chemotherapy & Radiation Ablative Brain Surgery. The Medical Bills are racking up.

I’ve built this website for her to help her get much needed donations so she can get the treatment she deserves.

This fundraiser will help pay for treatment to get her some more precious time with her family, allowing her boys to form meaningful memories of their mum.

Please share, and if you feel like it please donate too.

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Chris La Nauze